Falconry is one of the oldest forms of hunting at all.
It is exercised in almost all countries of Europe and many countries in the world in its original form.

It is an ecological hunt because it just runs under the direction of people like the hunting of wild birds of prey.
Predator and prey have the same opportunities as in nature.
The removal (= dressing) of falcons is no dressage and can never be done by sanctions or coercive measures.
The key is learning success.

The most important requirement is to create a relationship of trust between falcons and falconer.
In modern falconry the aim is to use an optimally nourished and trained falcon that rivals its counterparts in nature.

The aim of falconry is the harmonious interaction of falcon and falconer.
It lies on the falconer to get his falcon in a favorable position hunting.
The further course of the hunting determine strength, skill and endurance of predator and prey.
The falconer takes part in a genuine and authentic experience of nature and is actively involved in original natural processes.

In this return to nature really is the real allure of falconry.

Falconry in Switzerland:

In Switzerland, the hawking takes place only on crows.
The aim is to decimation and deterrence of these animals for a healthy balance.

Difference falconry and hawking

Falconry is a part of falconry, and it's all about the hunt with falcon in falconry.
The term falconry describes working with birds of prey, be it breeding, removal or flight demonstrations.

How will I be a falconer

To be falconer I need the hunting test first.
In the canton of Zurich also falconers test is required.

All housing conditions and grants must be met and caught up.
See also in 'keeping of birds of prey'.

For hawking it takes its hunting areas.
In the area and patent cantons is required the respective permit.

A welfare aviary must be present.

Acquisition of suitable falcons.

And some of the most important: a lot of time available as well as patience and perseverance.

Keeping of birds of prey

The attitude of day hunting birds and owls requires a cantonal holding approval by the Animal Protection Act.
Next also requires the temporary attitude of protected animals, for the purpose of care, a cantonal license, in this case down in federal hunting law.

The approval procedure for falconers attitude of raptors regulates the FVO, the enforcement is regulated by the cantons.

The FOEN shall issue guidelines for the care and feeding of day hunting birds and owls.
Documentation No. VU-9002-D

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